Friday, November 07, 2008

Pain..It is Hurt?

When you accidentally bite your tongue, it is hard to see "pain" as something positive. The same goes for a blister on your toe. Who needs a throbbing foot?

What if you feel no pain? It's good? Maybe you will say..YES!
But's NO!

physical pain is a 'good alarm system' that prevent us from further damage. It tells us "you should better change what you're doing!"

Same goes to emotional pain. It gives us messege "you'd better change the way you thinking!"

It is normal to get angry or jelousy for temporary. But if those feeling become permanent, the messege maybe:

"Don't expect to control other people"
"Don't expect people will behave like you"
"Don't depend on people to make you happy"

While we keep thinking the same thought, we keep feeling the same pain.

Sometimes, we say "but i'm right!"
Unfortunately, being "right" doesn't help..

A blister in your foot is a messege to change your shoes.
with emotional pain,it is messege actually to change your thinking.

In a Nutshell:
Pain is actually warning for us to change. When we keep doing the same thing, it keeps hurting.

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